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Top 5 Date Night Ideas in San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area, also known as the Silicon Valley, has more to offer than just good weather and lovely hiking trails. Let’s explore the top 5 date night ideas in this region.

1. Lunch at the RH Rooftop Restaurant in Marin

This restaurant features an ingredient driven menu accompanied by a curated selection of artisanal wines and craft beers. The restaurant is on the 3rd floor. Enjoy the outdoor views while you wait to be seated. Popular dishes include RH Burger, Lobster Roll and Truffled Fries.

2. Miniboss arcade bar in downtown San Jose

Enjoy the delicious cocktails after a long week. Find out the room with sitting and old school machines like Street Fighter and the Michael Jackson game. Be sure to check out the amazing art all over the walls and the replica of a Gameboy.

3. Picnic at Crissy Field (Park at West Bluff)

Best during the sunset, hopefully on a clear day, be sure to check out the Crissy Field. Activities include a waterfront walk, lagoon trail and the Mason Street Bike Path Trail (for all bike lovers). After the sunset, get the romantic view of the Golden Gate bridge.

4. Pinball, pool & old-school arcade games at Emporium

For all of you who enjoy video games, visit this barcade that features boozy libations along with pinball, pool and a million other arcade games. Since The Emporium is all about adult entertainment, one would expect to find lots of tasty adult beverages, and that is certainly the case here.

5. Rent a Pedal Boat on Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is always a good idea! Row your boat by Huntington Falls and under the arched Stow Lake Bridge. The weather here is nice all year round. You can get a mild exercise while you chat and talk.

Know the best part about these date night ideas? These are great double date spots as well! Meet nearby couple friends with similar interests on Duo and explore these places with them.

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